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This page gives examples of recent productions. Explaining how we were able to fulfil and exceed our client's expectations.

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"Don't Play With Trains"

Although train accidents aren't responsible for the majority of fatalities on our roads they are still a cause of needless deaths. The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure agreed and decided to put together a campaign for rail safety to increase awareness.


Stokes Creative approached us with the idea to construct two commercials, each one containing two different scenarios. A significant amount of railway accidents happen in rural areas such that one scenario from each commercial was filmed away from the city. South Australia has so many varied locations that any location type is never too far away.
Because we were depicting collisions with trains there was a significant amount of visual effects involved, as we could not endanger anyone in real life. These were planned from the first moments of pre production, so we knew we had what we needed to accomplish the complex shots.
It was a logistical nightmare writing a schedule around fully operating train lines with, at times, only 10 minutes between trains. Because of the variety of the locations and the complexity of the visual effects and the logistics we allowed four days for the shoot.
Given all those factors we were still able to provide the client with an outstanding product at a very reasonable cost. Everyone was extremely happy with them. The only “negative” comment we got is that they were too graphic. The client didn’t mind as that is exactly what they wanted.

Agency Comment:

"Right from the outset Max did his homework. Even before being awarded the job, he put in hours of work searching for ideal locations and going through every sequence second by second in detail. The results speak for themselves. We depicted shock without horror, which was our brief. The ads made a remarkable impact on the community. After these went to air, audience reaction, understanding and attitudes were evaluated with outstanding results. Pepper Studios played a crucial role in achieving it."

---Ross Collinson, Creative Director,
Stokes Creative


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Australian launch of the Weber Q


The Weber Qs are the newest gas barbecues in the Weber range. When compared with ordinary barbecues they offer outstanding advantages.



With such an outstanding product it was easy to make it look good. The concept and scripts were created by our friends Pete and Graham at Watt & Horne. Fitting the ideas into 15 short seconds was their biggest challenge.
How often do you see a perfectly good commercial on TV but when it comes to the food shot, the most important shot, the lighting is flat and lifeless. Poorly lit food doesn't look appetising. Max has had years of experience lighting food and knows exactly just how to make it look amazing.
Shot on 35mm film in Adelaide all the commercials look great. Adelaide has a huge variety of locations to suit any production.
Although the dialogue comes close to the end of the commercial they were shot in such a way that they resembled end frames and all logos and disclaimers could be fitted in without taking away from the beauty of the TVC. Offline edited by Max and finished by Alex who even got to try his hand at digital food styling. The yolks weren't sitting in the middle of the egg rings so he got to create some digital magic.

Client Comment:

"In the old days we used to have our TV commercials made in Sydney. The results were terrific but the costs were horrific. We've had great success with Max Pepper at less than half the budget. The Weber Q ads are a classic example. For me it's Pepper Studios every time."

---Ross McDonald, Australian Resident Director,
Weber-Stephen Products Co. (Aust.)




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4 New Pasta Recipes

There's a little more Italy in Fasta Pasta
Even back in the old country, fresh pasta is considered a real treat, usually reserved for guests and special occasions. It's texture, tenderness and flavour stand head and shoulders above the dry alternative. But fresh pasta can't be stored like dry pasta, so we make it daily. Because to us, you're a special guest.


Working with Sydney agency MJW Hakuhodo we created a series of 4 fifteen second commercials for 4 new pasta recipes. Pappardelle Scampi, Fusilli, Tortellini & Ravioli Duetto. Shot on 35mm, we used a reasonable sized crew (well, by South Australian standards), Apart from Max and Alex on location, we utilised a freelance Camera Operator & Assistant, Grip/Gaffer & Assistant, Make up, Wardrobe, Food Stylist & Production Assistant. We had 2 chefs from Fasta Pasta cooking up all the food, starring in the TVCs and cooking us all lunch as well as 15+ extras.
The shoot lasted 2 moderately paced days. The agency couldn't believe the quality of the commercials for the money and the time taken (they had booked another night in the hotel).
After returning home any alterations were made possible with minimum fuss via the client area of our website. Armed with the appropriate password the Agency or Client could view changes as fast as their internet connection could give it to them.

Agency Comment:

"We were delighted with the professionalism and enthusiasm which Peppers brought to the project. In terms of quality, the results are outstanding, given the budget and we were especially impressed with the food, which was beautifully shot. The early results are extremely encouraging, with sales lifts across the system."

---Chris Dibley, Client Services Director,
MJW Hakuhodo


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Great Home and Land Event


Stockland is one of Australia's most progressive property investment and development organisations, and is leading the way in the design, development and management of large scale projects across Australia.
Stockland was founded in 1952 and initially specialised in residential development. The company was listed on the ASX in 1957 and in the early 1960's diversified into the development of commercial and retail projects along the eastern seaboard.



To promote four of Stockland Queensland's residential addresses, Pacific Pines, The Observatory, Pebble Beach & Rainforest Sanctuary. Max and crew along with Adelaide agency Martins and television presenter Bridget Adams (Getaway, Queensland Weekender) met in sunny Queensland to film these TVCs over 3 days.
Although it was shot on 35mm film and we travelled to Queensland we still offered a competitive priced production with a high quality result.
Max also travelled to Queensland late last year to do some aerials of the, yet to be built, Allisee development on the Gold Coast. Using Tony Monk's Cinegyro for New Zealand (the same design as the one used on Lord of the Rings) we captured some of extremely stable aerial shots. Again, cinema quality visuals at a great price.

Agency Comment:

“Not only did the shoot with Peppers go very smoothly and the production standards were extremely high, but these television commercials drew excellent results. Stockland monitor all enquiries within a national weekly reporting matrix compiled through the sales team. Queensland results were strong and immediate with enquiry levels rising from the very first week of campaign commencement. Prior to the campaign airing, the weekly average visit to Stockland estates in Queensland was at 120 groups. During the campaign, enquiries jumped by almost 375% to a massive visitation in excess of 450 groups weekly.
Compounding this success, comparative research sourced by Stockland in the field, showed competitor sales falling whilst Stockland not just maintained but grew enquiry levels and conversions. At the end of the day the client is very happy. And that’s the most important thing.”

---Corey Swaffer, Creative Director,


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Masterclass Conference / Turanza ER592 Release


At the 2004 Masterclass awards in Hawaii, Bridgestone Australia had a lot to cover. The release of it new ER592 being the biggest.




Unfortunately we can't film everything on 35mm. The reality is that video is here and it is here to stay. Our video weapon of choice is Digital Betacam. It is the best quality standard definition solution.
The main Presentation was a presentation between Peter Brock and Burkhard Kabelitz (national marketing and product planning manager at Bridgestone Australia). Shot separately at different locations the footage was integrated and made more exciting by several complex graphical animations, charts and transitions.




Grahame Bond reprised his role as Kev Kevanagh, a Bridgestone tyre dealer with his, well lets say, unique approach to selling tyres. This was a "How not to.." style presentation which tackled such issues as 'Female Customer Relations' and 'OC Health & Safety'. It was an absolute blast to shoot.
Then Max and Graham Horne travelled to Moonah Tasmania to film a short presentation on Bridgestone Tyre Centre Moonah last years Bridgestone Masterclass Dealership of the year. Max, directing and on camera with Graham holding the microphone filmed the whole presentation in one day. A lot of the time using only available light. With a bit more time, colour correcting in the edit suite, resulted in a presentation that exceed the client's expectations.

We ended up doing a lot more than originally designed; I think Pete left for Hawaii with about 14 PAL and NTSC DVDs. The conference was a huge success and everyone loved it.

Agency Comment:

"Professional, capable, impeccable delivery to tight timelines and, unbeatable value for money. Peppers drove our dollars further."

---Peter Watt, Managing Director,
Watt & Horne.


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