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20m x 35m x 7m with cyclorama down 20m of one wall.



FILM - We own two Arriflex film cameras. A 35mm & 16mm with extensive lenses, filters, tripods and other accessories.

VIDEO - We use Sony Digital Betacam from Broadcast Rentals (AAV).



We own various Studio and Location lights. We also have a complete lighting 'rig' for shooting absolutely stunning jewellery.


Final Cut Pro
Industry standard offline editor.

Speed Razor
Powerful offline editor with real-time effects.


PAINTING BY Ashleigh Manley removed from "Pool Wall" at 64 Nth Terrace Studio.



Final Cut Studio - Fully uncompressed 10-bit editing and finishing in HD and SD. It took us a long time to be convinced, but we now sing the praises of this amazing system. Inc. Final Cut Pro 5, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack.

Linear Digital - A very powerful linear digital (SDI) suite. The combination of the Abekas A8100, Axial Editor, Digital/SP Betacam and Timecode DAT/CD Audio make it a powerful tape-to-tape edit suite for SD production.




Flame Discreet's high end compositing and effects machine, it is the industry standard for high quality & effecient special effects.

Combustion Discreet's premier desktop compositor is a favourite of ours. Combined with the right hardware it makes for a very powerful effects machine.

Motion Bringing some real-time functionality to motion graphics and visual effects apple's Motion is a welcome addition to our Final Cut Pro suite.



DVD Studio 4 - is a very powerful DVD creation application. Which can create the simplest to the most complicated DVDs at a professional level.




We can duplicate to and from the following formats:

  • Digital Betacam
  • Digidub
  • SP Betacam
  • DVD
  • SVHS
  • VHS
  • U-matic
  • 1-inch


Utilising popular image editing and video compression software we can export source material to all popular data formats and compression codecs including AVI, MOV (Sorenson Video 3 PRO), MPEG-2, Targa, Windows Media 9 and more. Everything from compressed web files to fully uncompressed data video.


Geographical constraints are no longer an issue as we have a functional Client Area. Our long distance (and often our close) clients can view their work using any internet-connected computer anywhere in the world.

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